Algebra Basics types

Algebra basics types

Algebra Basics types


Algebra is one of the useful tools of math. It is an Arabic word that means “bringing together broken parts”. The basic branch of mathematics is related to the mathematical operations, variables, and constants as well as the concept of equations and algebraic structure. It is not just a mathematical concept, but a skill that all of us use in our daily life without even realizing it. In algebra (a,b,c……z) English alphabet is called variables. first, we study Algebra Basics types.

What is Algebra?

A letter can symbolize any numeral, or any value assigned to it For example: a+b = c means that the sum of two numbers represented by a and b is equal to c.

 Algebra Basics types

Algebraic expression

An expression which the combination or connects variables and constants by basic mathematical operations( +, -,*, /) is called an algebraic expression. For example 4m +8,5x+y-2z,s-3, etc.


in math, a variable is an English alphabet (a,b,c….z) or term that represents an unknown number or unknown value or quantity. For example: 5x+y-2 in x,y, are called variables.


constant mean fixed value, in algebraic expression without variable number which has a fixed value is called constant. For example: 5x+y-2 in 2 is a constant term.

Algebraic term

The part of an expression separated by operation “+” “-” is called its terms. For example: 5x+y in 5x and y are two terms.

History of algebra:


Al-Khawrzmi (780 – 850 AD ) is the founder of modern algebra. Muhammad bin Musa Al-Khwarirmi also known as Al – Al-Khawrzmi was a Muslim mathematician who wrote on Hindu-Arabic numerals. He was one of the first to study algebraic expression. The word algebra is derived from the word Al – Jabr. He wrote a book named Al–Jaber–Wa–Al–Muqabala in 820 AD. He is known as the father of algebra.

Types of algebra

Algebra is divided into different subtypes such as

  • Elementary Algebra

  • Advanced algebra

  • linear algebra

  • Commutative algebra

  • Abstract algebra

Elementary Algebra is the basic concept of algebra. It is also known as college algebra. It is often contrasted with arithmetic. We study this type of variables, evaluating expression and equation, properties of equation and inequation, etc.


Advanced Algebra is a one-year course in which students continue to study the algebraic concepts learned in Algebra 11/ trigonometry. Specifically, this course will delve into linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, systems of equations, and matrices.

Linear algebra is the study of vectors and linear transformation. The main objective of this course is to help students learn in a rigorous manner, the tools and methods essential for studying the solution spaces of problems in math, engineering, the natural sciences, and social sciences, and develop mathematical skills needed to apply these to the problems arising within their of study; and to various real-world problems.

Commutative Algebra first known as the idea of theory is the type of algebra. It is used in both algebraic number theory, polynomial rings, and integer rings, including the ordinary integers Z, and p- adic rings. It also used statistics, computer vision, and cryptography.

Abstract Algebra is known as modern algebra. We discuss the advanced topics in it. in this type, we study groups, rings, fields, models, vector spaces, and latices in detail.

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