CHILD EDUCATION / MARRIAGE INSURANCEIn today’s rapidly changing world, securing your child’s future is a top priority for every parent. Planning for their education and marriage expenses can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can ensure that your child’s dreams come true. One effective way to safeguard their future is by investing in Child Education and Marriage Insurance. In this article, we’ll explore CHILD EDUCATION / MARRIAGE INSURANCE what this type of insurance entails, its benefits, and how it can provide peace of mind for parents.

What is Child Education and Marriage Insurance?

Child Education and Marriage Insurance is a financial product designed to help parents save and invest money to meet the future expenses of their child’s education and marriage. This insurance policy offers a combination of insurance coverage and investment options, making it a comprehensive financial planning tool.

Why Do You Need Child Education and Marriage Insurance?

  1. Financial Security: Life is unpredictable, and unexpected events can disrupt your child’s future plans. Child Education and Marriage Insurance ensures that your child’s dreams are not compromised even if you’re not around.
  2. Education Costs: The cost of education is rising steadily. Whether your child aspires to study abroad or pursue a specialized course, this insurance can help cover tuition fees, books, and other related expenses.
  3. Marriage Expenses: Wedding celebrations are becoming increasingly extravagant. By investing in this insurance, you can financially support your child’s wedding and provide them with the wedding they desire.

Here are some Insurance plans for Child Education and Marriage.


Minimum Age: 20 years
Maximum Age: 60 years
Age (Maximum) on Maturity: 70 years

Allowable Riders:

Click here for supplementary covers which can be attached to this plan. Child Education & Marriage Assurance is a plan for the protection of a child’s future. It provides a lump sum benefit for the child at the completion of the policy term. On completion of the term of the policy, the full sum insured together with the accrued bonuses becomes payable to the policyholder. Please click here for the details of bonuses currently available for this plan

If the policyholder dies (Allah forbid) before the completion of the term, a family income benefit of Rs 240 per 1000 sum insured per annum is paid to the child until the completion of the policy term. Further, future premiums under the policy are waived and the policy remains in force with the full sum insured and continues to participate in State Life’s surplus and receive bonuses. Upon the completion of the policy term, the child gets two options either getting the proceeds in a lump sum or in five equal installments


One thing no parent can ever forget is the first time they held their children. All of a sudden there comes the realisation that you are no longer living just for yourself, but that you hold a life in your hands, a life that depends on you for love, acceptance and most of all, support. There is no greater gift we can give our children than a secure future, and it is education that is the key to that future. Our child education plans are tailor-made to place that key in your hand and unlock the door to a brighter future for your children.


An opportunity to fulfil your promise to your child Being a loving parent, you search for a plan that is designed to assist you in accumulating a lump sum amount with certainty and allows you to have access when you are in need of cash. A plan that understands your dream for the best education for a child or his/her marriage without any financial constraints. EFU Life Assurance brings you the Ilm and Anmol Rishtey Plan with a guaranteed level of insurance protection and flexible options to customize the benefits according to your needs. This plan will help you to meet your child’s wedding expenses or finance his/her education expenses with ease. The plan also has a continuation benefit feature which provides a surety that the plan’s premium is paid for in case of an unfortunate event of the policyholder’s death while the policy is enforced.

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